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BT Monthly Newsletter - JUNE 2024


BT Monthly Newsletter - JUNE 2024
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Welcome! This is our second Behavior Technician monthly newsletter. We are providing this resource so that we can more easily share important information and company announcements with everyone.


  • You can view the company calendar to find important information, closing dates, and to schedule any meetings (when needed). Find the calendar here.

  • To access the calendar (and any other password-protected pages on the AOA website), use password: AOA2403!

    • This password may change at times for security purposes. You will be informed when this occurs.

  • Reviewing the newsletters is a mandatory part of your position.

BT Mentorship Program

  • EXCITING NEWS: AOA is launching a new program that will help BTs support one another. The program will give newer BTs more support and it will offer more experienced BTs an opportunity to grow in the field of ABA.

    • UPDATE: The BT Mentorship Program launches this month! Be on the lookout for any information relevant to your position. Newer staff will be assigned a mentor which is an added benefit for you all. This is a way that AOA can support our BTs. We want to give you the guidance you need to enjoy your job as well as to help you provide quality services to your clients.

  • BT Mentors: Those who have been selected for the BT mentorship position will be notified in the next week. You will receive additional guidance on your position shortly, as well.

  • QUESTIONS: If you have questions, feel free to contact Heather Gilmore at


This area of the newsletter will address things related to your position as a Behavior Technician. We will give reminders that you may already be familiar with just as a refresher or for the purposes of reminding those who may not be aware of the information. We might also share new information related to your role as a BT.

Reminder(s) of the Month

  • Remember to contact your BCBA and/or the Center Manager if your client has a schedule change including if you are making up a session, if you are cancelling a session, or if a parent cancels the session through you.

  • QBS TRAINING: For our Grand Rapids area staff, remember we are offering QBS training on June 20th and 21st from 8:00am - 4:00pm.


This area of the newsletter will briefly review one ABA concept, strategy, or tip as a way to help you improve your ABA skills which will ultimately help us give the best quality services to our clients. We continue to strive for excellence in our services and want to support your growth in the field, as well.

Featured ABA Concept of the Month : Implement continuous measurement procedures

What are continuous measurement procedures?

  • Continuous measurement procedures involve taking data on every instance of a behavior during a set time period. Typically, the time period for BTs would be for the entire ABA session unless a BCBA instructs them to only collect data during a certain time period.

Examples of continuous measurement

  • FREQUENCY - count the number of times the behavior occurs

    • You will see this in Catalyst under the Behavior Data. This is the most common data type that you will collect on behaviors that are "maladaptive" or where the goal is to decrease the behavior. See below for an example:

  • RATE - how often a behavior occurs during a period of time

    • You will see this in Catalyst under the Behavior Data, as well. This is similar to frequency as it requires counting the number of times a behavior occurs but calculates it within a duration of time, such as "5 self-harm behaviors (i.e., biting hand) per hour." Here is an example.

  • DURATION - timing how long a behavior lasts

    • You may collect some duration data on behaviors that are better represented by how much time the behavior lasted (such as tantrums, crying, etc.) rather than the number of times it happens. It is difficult to accurately analyze a child's behaviors if the data says "1" instance of crying (using frequency data) because the crying could have lasted for 1 minute or for the entire session. That's an example of why duration data is a better method for some behaviors.

  • LATENCY - the time between when the child is given an instruction and when they start engaging in the behavior

These are a few examples of continuous measurement procedures. Be sure you are collecting behavior data accurately and consistently for your client. The BCBA uses this data to analyze the client's behavior and to develop an effective intervention plan.

IMPORTANT DATES (Events, Closings, Etc.)


    • No closings this month


    • Themed Client Activity: FATHER'S DAY (Sunday, June 16th)

      • Week of June 10-14

        • To celebrate Father's Day, AOA would like all of our centers (and home-based staff if you're able) to help our kiddos complete a craft for their Dad's. [If the kiddo doesn't have a Dad in his life, consider if they have another special person they could recognize like a grandpa or step-parent.]

        • This is a way to connect all of our BTs and kiddos and bring a greater sense of community to our team despite being in many different locations. Additionally, this activity gives our clients something new and exciting to experience which can incorporate mastered skills, current goals, or new skills as well as develop social and communication skills no matter the learner's needs or abilities. Feel free to contact your Center Coordinator or the BCBA overseeing your case for more guidance.

        • The craft we will complete is a "Best Dad Trophy"

    • QBS Training (Grand Rapids location)

      • June 20th and 21st 8:00am-4:00pm


We would like to share the AOA core values with you. We strive to incorporate these values into everything we do. We hope you will embrace these values and demonstrate them throughout your work, as well.


  • Excellence

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Diversity

  • Positivity


Thank you for all you do for your clients and for AOA. We appreciate you!

If you have any questions about this content, feel free to contact the Training & Development Director, Heather Gilmore, at You are also welcome to contact your BCBA, center manager, or HR staff.

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